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      EU Consultation on Long Term Unemployment:
      Forced „Activation“ from the top instead of democratic participation of the unemployed

      Public consultation of the European Commission on services for long term unemployed without involvement of the unemployed - Aktive Arbeitslose start a protest across Europe and demand democratic participation!

      (Wien, April 9th, 2015) As a result of the continuous crisis unemployment and precarity are rising in Europe. Ever more people are being permanently excluded from the economy. Already over half of the unemployed people in Europe are considered officially as long term unemployed. Instead of combating unemployment and distribute work and income fairer, the directorate general for employment, social and integration (EMPL) of the European Commission (EK) has started on Feb 19th, 2015 - by practically excluding the public – a pretty one-sided and superficial “public consultation on the provision of services for long term unemployed”, which will end on the May 15th, 2015.

      This is how the European Union excludes the effected people of its lob our market policy:

      1. The affected people don’t know of it and many cannot participate as only answers in the on-line questionnaire count, which moreover is only available in the English language. Especially under the long term unemployed there are many people, that are not capable of speaking the English language and / or don’t have a connection to the Internet. Answers are still allowed in the languages of the countries of the EU, those coming from outside the EU have bad luck!
      2. The questions are put together by the EU without involving the effected people and therefore miss the real questions entirely. The questions serve more the interests if the “unemployment industry” (bureaucracy and course providers) rather than those of the long term unemployed. The unemployed are the only group in society that do not have a lobby in the EU, nor have subsidized self-organizations. We, the unemployed, are simply personas non grata for the policy of the EU.

      The European Commission assumes in accordance to their neoliberal ideology that primarily the “deficits” of the unemployed and their over time increasing referral obstacles are to blame for unemployment rather than the failures of economic policy. Correspondingly manipulatively is the rather thin “background paper” and the questionnaire of the commission.

      Activation from the top does not function and is against all employees of Europe!

      Almost naive appear the propagated suggestions for a solution of the European Commission contained in the tendentious questionnaire: Even though the Commission does not have jurisdiction for social policy, the commission wants to introduce binding guidelines and check more thoroughly the unemployment policies of the member countries.

      The commission wants to accelerate “binding agreements” between long term unemployed people and provider of support and reintegration programs as well as the interlinking of the unemployment industry while excluding the unemployed. On the one side will unemployed enjoy individual support and be required to accept wider responsibilities while the rights of the unemployed and their democratic say is nowhere mentioned, on the other side companies are subsidized if they employ the troublesome long term unemployed at least temporarily and help to make them disappear from the long term unemployment statistics.

      This labour market policy of the EU aims at pushing all people with all means onto the neoliberal labour market. The EU increases the pressure all the time to sell oneself as commodity manpower at any price. Depending on the condition of the markets the price for labour decreases and the income of the broad population falls further.

      Campaign for support and participation of initiatives of the unemployed in Europe!

      The association „Aktive Arbeitslose Österreich“ starts therefore on Monday, April 13th 2015 a Europe wide campaign to allow as many unemployed people as possible to speak up critically and has translated the questionnaire and the “background paper” into German and makes available help to fill in. Sample letters for complaints to the European Ombudswoman and to the members of the jointly responsible European Social Committee as well as to the members of the European Parliament are made available on the web site. An on-line petition with the most important demands will also be initiated.

      Demands of the Aktiven Arbeitslosen Österreich:

      • New start of the public Consultation with full participation of the initiatives of the unemployed in Europe.
      • Consultation and information of the EU always in all languages of member countries (incl. languages of the minorities) as well as the most important languages of immigrants. Submissions also on paper and Braille!
      • Support of build up and interlinkage of initiatives of unemployed in Europe so that unemployed have finally their own voice!
      • Preparation of binding standards for the labour market policy that conform to human rights and standards for the complete democratic codetermination and self representation of the unemployed in the labour market policies at all levels in Europe.
      • Independent and critical extraordinary review of the labour market policy in the EU, especially of the “activation regime” and the regime of sanctions.
      • Action plan to implement human rights, especially the abolition of the permanent threat to livelihood by sanctions (cut of benefits).
      • The naked survival of people must not depend on the labour market, step by step introduction of the general basic income!

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