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      Austrian Unemployment at record high:
      Work Agency Chairman Mr. Johannes Kopf should start to work rather than fuel the sentiment against unemployed people!

      Open Letter of the initiatives of unemployed against socio-racist propaganda of AMS-Top earner Johannes Kopf

      Work Agency Chief Johannes Kopf(Vienna/Graz, April 2nd, 2015) Instead of dedicating himself fully to his work, AMS chairman Johannes Kopf fuels sentiment against unemployed and hereby tries apparently to distract from his failure as chairman of the AMS.

      Single parents, who are the section of population most at risk of poverty, Mr. Kopf accuses of “unwillingness to work” because they use the reduced minimum availability of 16 instead of 20 hours per week to gain AMS benefits. Top earner Johannes Kopf, earning a salary in excess of 7000 Euro netto from the “insurance community”, blames unemployed people to seek too high salaries and to choose to survive with the tested minimum income. Recently Johannes Kopf fuels in newspaper interviews bad sentiment against unemployed people and even requests a step by step decrease of the insurance benefit “Unemployment Assistance” (Notstandshilfe). Mr. Johannes Kopf’s patriarchal picture of the world is even further pointed as Mr. Kopf assumes that a man only works if he can feed the entire family with his single income.

      In the meantime there are about 20 persons registered with AMS seeking work for each job registered with AMS as being available, so Mr. Kopf attempts to turn the victims of a failed economic policy into perpetrators. In an open letter the initiatives of the unemployed „Aktive Arbeitslose Österreich“ ("Active Unemployed Austria") , „AMSEL – Arbeitslose Menschen suchen effektive Lösungen“ ("Unemployed people are looking for effective solutions"), „soned“ ("not like that") as well as the association „zum alten Eisen?“ ("to the scrap heat?") demand to end this stigmatization of unemployed people as “work-shy” and to finally implement the human right of freely chosen work for all or to offer his highly paid post to a work seeking person – ideally a single parent.

      The interviews of Johannes Kopf that initiated the open letter

      Further Interviews with Mr. Johannes Kopf in which he fuels sentiments against unemployed in a similar way (small selection):