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      From eAMS to Skill Matching:
      Computers cannot conjure up meaningful work

      Active Unemployed Austria demand democratic participation of the affected people instead of technocratic pseudo-solutions imposed from the top

      (Vienna, December 16th, 2014) With the on-line strategy presented today, the AMS seems to put their trust purely in technocratic pseudo-solutions: Instead of ensuring a fair distribution of paid work and the creation of meaningful work – like in the 1980s the program Aktion 8000 of former minister of social affairs Alfred Dallinger –, the AMS is merely trying to administer the rising number of unemployed through the use of ever more EDP.

      Even though „Skill Matching“ may sound good, this complex undertaking is probably bound to fail. For a responsible implementation is not less, but more and better trained personnel necessary to feed the EDP system with fairly sensible data. It is therefore to be expected that data protection, so far hardly respected by the AMS, is observed even less. Those people that are victims of the economic system and are deprived of the human right of freely selected, full and productive work, will have to surrender an even greater part of their privacy and have to pay attention that misleading data is not buzzing around the fully automated AMS.

      It is also characteristic that this expensive, technocratic madness is recklessly imposed over the affected peoples’ heads. While the works council has extensive rights for participation and control in a company when a personnel information system is introduced, job seeking unemployed still have no representation in the AMS and no effective control exists. Already now the rights of job seeking people is violated daily thousand fold, without AK (Chamber of Labour) and ÖGB (Austrian Unions) would do anything against it. A particular and effective representation of job seeking people is therefore becoming even more urgent.

      Active Unemployed Austria therefore demand:

      • Introduction of a works council of the unemployed with effective opportunities for participation and control (third parity in the supervisory bodies).
      • Discontinuation of the repressive regime of sanctions as the simplest and most effective quality assurance is free choice in a free market.
      • Instead of expensive automated administration of job seeking people more and well trained personnel. Those should support the unemployed at eye level rather than control and discipline them by order of state and economy. The unemployed have themselves contributed to the unemployment insurance for years and are therefore the actual principal!

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