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      International day of human rights:
      Active Unemployed Austria calls for a vigil in front of the ministry for social affairs to draw attention to the increasing violation of social human rights!

      Wednesday, December 10th 2014, 10am – 1pm
      Ministry of social affairs, Stubenring 1-3, A-1010 Vienna

      Information to the program below!

      We commemorate the unknown victims of the “Social State” that is reconstructed to a neo-liberal activation and compulsory labour regime.

      The livelihood of the people eliminated by the economy as “redundant” is being endangered more and more. Mass unemployment and social reductions lead to increased pressure in all areas:

      • Unemployment Insurance: Elimination of protection of one’s profession 2004, Extension of the regime of sanctions in 2007 to the “second labour market”. Ever increasing number of assignments to useless compulsory measures instead of creating sensible work.
      • Disability Pensions: Elimination of the limited disability pension, compulsory rehabilitation or withdrawal of benefits. The case management of the health insurance is supposed to monitor everything and punish every delay with cuts in benefits. Many disabled are simply sent to the AMS by submissive official doctors as supposedly “able to work” and have to submit to useless and stressing compulsory measures or are locked out and left to starve.
      • Tested Minimum benefit: Cross-linking with the AMS regime of sanctions, whole families have to lay open all data and have to “utilize” their wealth.
      • Care Allowance: Increased access hurdles
      • Disabled people: Downgrading at the disabled pass, cuts in budget at the facilities for the disabled and at the personal care.

      The “lack of rule” in the bureaucracy interprets human rights in harassing duties or simply denies them:

      • The human right of freely choosen full and productive work becomes the duty to accept imposed work at any price.
      • The human right of social security becomes the duty of self-exploitation.
      • The human right of good health becomes the duty to declare oneself still „able to work”.
      • The human right of protection of the family becomes kinship liability of the whole family by taking account of partner income and recourse claims.
      • The human right of data protection becomes the duty to lay open all data and the data is exchanged arbitrarily between authorities above peoples’ heads.

      We have therefore invited well known representatives/initiatives of affected to point out this injustice through structural force and to demand the implementation of the social human rights.

      We have tried to put together a program that will let us endure together the 3-hours despite of coldness and length.

      We are happy that we were able to engage committed and prominent people.


      • Assembly in front of the ministry of social affairs as from 10am
      • Grave of the unknown vicitm of thewelfare state, representing the numerous nameless victims
      • Speeches of participating organizations as well as affected people and their relatives/friends (approx. 7 minutes) – please let Karin Rausch know in writing of your wish:
      • As from 11am contributions of various artists, among others will Ilija Trojanow read from his book „Der überflüssige Mensch“ ("The Superfluous Human") and Maren Rahmann and Albert Dlabaja will sing dedicated songs.
      • 1pm close of the event.

      Information for participants:

      • Addresses of solidarity please to: They will be read out as far as possible.
      • Black clothes of grief please.
      • Each organization can bring their “flag” and meaningful banners to the topic!
      • Information to press will be done by us. We would be glad if several associations express their views in a press release or follow our call and sign our online petitions.
      • The documentation of the event will be organized by us.
      • Hot tea and refreshments will be available.

      We ask respectfully to forward this invitation to further groups engaged in this subject, affected selforganisations and umbrella organizations so that very many people get to know of it and participate.

      Please also distribute our event on facebook:

      Please also support our online petitions to this subject, which we want to hand over to the minister for social affairs:

      Solidarity greetings! Let’s stick together – together we’ll become strong!

      Karin Rausch

      Aktive Arbeitslose Österreich

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