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      International Day of Human Rights: Vigil in front of the ministry of social affairs commemorates the victims of the neo-liberal activations regime

      With Open Mic and reading Illija Trojanow: „Der überflüssige Mensch“ (The Superflous Human)

      (Vienna, December 8th, 2014) After tightening conditions of the unemployment insurance and introducing the minimum benefit asossiated with the AMS regime of sanctions, the minister of social affairs, Mr. Rudolf Hundstorfer has completed the neo-liberal activation- and compulsory work regime by terminating the limited disability benefit. The consequence is that chronically ill people, disabled and other battered people are driven with all available force onto a labour market where they cannot find work that ensures their livelihood, but instead have their health and livelihood permanently threatened through AMS compulsory measures and threats to withdraw benefits. Human rights are turned in harassing duties or are simply denied by a bureaucracy out of touch with reality.

      „Active Unemployed Austria“ organize a vigil in front of the ministry of social affairs because many affected people have not dared to speak out in public and therefore remain invisible. There the human rights are symbolically burried and the unknown victims of structural violence in the neo-liberal activation state are commemorated.

      The well known author and philosopher Ilija Trojanow, who will read from his book „Der überflüssige Mensch“ (“The Superflous Human”) and the musicians Maren Rahmann and Albert Dlabaja will accompany the mourning guests and affected people. Hot tea and refreshments will be provided!

      „Active Unemployed Austria“ encourage affected people to document the pain suffered and to send reports of their experiences – also anonymous – to:

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