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      Holidays for the Unemployed: The protest continues

      „Aktive Arbeitslose Österreich“ (Austrian Active Unemployed) are starting an international online petition

      Urlaub für Arbeitslose
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      (Vienna 2014-08-27) A Flash Mob on the 8th of August in the city at „Wiener Graben“ was a great success. About 20 unemployed people were sunbathing at the Graben, in front of the Erste Bank and socialised with guest from all over the world. This was a protest, that in Austria unemployed cant leave their without loosing benefits and social insurance. 50 picture postcards to the social services minister, where international guest demanded the right to holidays for the unemployed.

      More of those picture post cards can be either ordered at „Active Unemployed Austria“ or can be downloaded as a copy.

      The organisation „Active Unemployed Austria“ has started now an online petition. Their first one both in German and English for attracting international supporters. So it should be drawn international attention, that compared with those of other countries the Austrian unemployed insurance is a rigid one. Even in Germany for unemployed people, which are recipients of the Social benefit called Hartz IV, it is possible to go on holiday abroad up to 3 weeks, but as agreed upon to the Job Centre.

      With this online petition "Active Unemployed Austria" wants to foster the international intercommunication of unemployed people abroad. Fort the next year the 8th of August should be proclaimed as an international action day for the right of recreational holiday and family holiday. Because the unemployment is not caused by the unemployed itself but by the globalized capitalism. Therefore this problem must be combatted worldwide.

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      Mag. Ing. Martin Mair
      Chairman of „Aktive Arbeitslose Österreich“
      Tel.: +43 676 3548310


      Background: What is this action about?

      Unemployment and the search for a new work, further often useless coercive measures of the work agency and the daily fight against against bureaucracy are very exhausting. For the partner or the whole family this situation is very demanding. Both financially and psychically.

      Unlike many other industrialised countries, in Austria unemployed people lose unemployment benefit and health insurance if they go abroad. Even family members living abroad cannot be visited. First of all the families and the children of the unemployed are suffering of this situation. Even though the unemployed paid their unemployment insurance over many years. They even are not responsible, that there are not enough jobs. But the government is restricting the human rights to family life and free movement.

      Aggravating this situation there is a lack of money, why, for example a German left wing party called “Die Linke” demand a holiday pay for the poor.

      Leave arrangements in other countries (first research findings)

      If You have information about other countries, please send it to kontakt@aktive-arbeitslsoe.at

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